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Ceciles Writer: Salvatore DifalcoAuthor: Salvatore Difalco

Country of residence: Canada

Nationality: Italian / Canadian

Mother tongues: Italian / English

Salvatore Difalco was born in Canada to immigrant Sicilian parents, and has enjoyed the fruits of both his rich Sicilian-Italian heritage and the beautiful cultural mosaic that is Canada. He cheers for Canada during the Olympics and international hockey events, but waves the red-white-and-green when the Azzuri play soccer.

  • The Score

    May 7, 2018 • Short Stories
    The Score

    Short story by Salvatore Difalco

    Louie and Craig were already at Brando’s when I arrived, seated at his dining room table staring at their phones and smoking weed. A cloud of blue-grey smoke enveloped them... Read on...

  • Omertà

    January 15, 2018 • Short Stories

    Short story by Salvatore Difalco

    Mario was one of the few Sicilians who had gone to Canada in the late 1950s and had come back in the 1960s, while Sicily still endured the poverty and pain of la miseria. Mario’s excuse: he couldn’t stand the winters... Read on...