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Nicholas John GreenfieldAuthor: Nicholas John Greenfield

Country of residence: Italy

Nationality: English, Australian

Mother tongue: English

Nicholas Greenfield was born in England but emigrated to Australia with his family at seventeen.  Fleeing Sydney tedium ten years later, he has since lived and worked in a growing number of countries, each offering novel adventures till old habits take hold.  Afloat upon a sea of influences and navigated only by a desire to map what he sees, you can find more of his work on Amazon and Smashwords.

  • Flames

    April 14, 2016 • Flash Fiction

    Flash Fiction by Nicholas John Greenfield

    We were at the ocean, swimming, when the tide took him away.  I stayed on the beach till they found me, half-frozen, staring at the vast empty expanse of water expecting him to surface,... Read on...