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Cecile's Writer: Mariya TaherAuthor: Mariya Taher

Country of residence: United States of America

Nationality: American

Mother tongue: English

Mariya Taher was born in the U.S.A. to immigrant parents from India.  She has contributed articles to Solstice Literary MagazineGlobal VoicesThe Express TribuneThe San Francisco ExaminerBayWoof, and the Imagining Equality Project.  She has published fiction in Prism ReviewPulse Online Literary Journal, The Blue Minaret and The Flexible Persona.


  • Stung

    August 3, 2015 • Short Stories

    Short story by Mariya Taher

    I lay in the sterile hospital bed defeated, a needle inserted in my arm, fluids dripping slowly inside me, guard rails protecting me from rolling over my bedside. My mother sat beside me, her head adorned with a dupatta the color of eggplant... Read on...