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A Cecile's Writer: John Simon LewisAuthor: John Simon Lewis

Nationality: Guyanese

Place of Residence: Surinam

Mother Tongue: English

John is possessed with a nomadic spirit—he has spent most of his adult years in Guyana living in rugged conditions in forested areas, squatting settlements, and tenement yards where the most colorful stories seem to sprout. However, in his sojourns beyond the shores of Guyana he often finds himself interacting mainly with the intellectual class. In Surinam he works with a Botanist who is currently modifying his botanical garden and nature park.

  • Bingbong

    November 20, 2016 • Novelettes

    Novelette by John Simon Lewis

    A national election was due in eighteen months, and the ruling party of the multi-racial society of Guyana was desperately seeking every means of maintaining its status quo for another four years. ... Read on...