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Cecile's Writer: Christina KimAuthor: Christina Kim

Country of Residence: Australia

Nationality: South Korean

Mother Tongues: Korean and English

Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in the North Shore of Sydney, Christina Kim has a strong passion for the beauty of the written English language. Aware of the nuances of intercultural lives, she hopes that her writing helps develop more empathy towards different cultures in her readers. She is currently a university student studying medicine, and her works have been featured in publications such as the Blue Marble Review.

  • Skin Deep

    June 25, 2017 • Short Stories
    Skin Deep

    Short story by Christina Kim

    The day before his death, John Smith arthritically googled information on how to tie a noose (with one-fingered typing), only to temporarily dismiss the idea because there was no suitable place to hang the contraption. ... Read on...