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Cecile's Writer: Andrew StiggersAuthor: Andrew Stiggers

Country of residence: New Zealand

Nationality: British/New Zealand

Mother tongue: English

Of Thai-British heritage, Andrew Stiggers was born in France and has lived in various countries since childhood including Hong Kong, Brunei, Cameroon and Singapore. He studied English Language and Literature at Reading University in the UK. He now lives with his German/Swiss wife and children in Auckland, New Zealand. He is an award-winning short-story writer and his work has been published in international journals and anthologies. Visit his website:

  • Great Again

    April 9, 2018 • Short Stories
    Great Again

    Short story by Andrew Stiggers

    Bloody foreigners - why don’t you bugger off back across the Channel? Frank had spied them through the tiny window. What a shame he didn’t have a working rifle, he thought. ... Read on...