Courses and workshops

Cecile’s Writers also offers creative writing courses and workshops in the Netherlands. If you are interested or would like to know more contact us at or 06 5194 1388.


Are you an English-language creative writer in the Netherlands? Sign up for one of our courses! Dates and locations will be determined with the people who show an interest in the course.

The short story: writing with confidence (for non-natives)

Do you find yourself writing in English even though it is not your native language? As editors, we have seen great stories written by non-natives and know that writing in one’s second language doesn’t have to be a barrier. In this course, you will learn to write with confidence. We will also look at the elements of short story writing, both in fiction and non-fiction.
Two-day course on consecutive Saturdays
Costs: € 150 p.p. (min. 5, max 10 people)

From blank page to publishing

Have you been writing for a while and want to take it to the next level? This course will look at everything from inspiration and writer’s block to story elements, self-editing, work-shopping and of course, submitting your work (and what editors might be looking for).
Five evening course, one evening per week
Costs: € 100 p.p. (min 8, max 12 people)

Workshops for companies 

We offer the following on location workshops to companies. The workshops are one full day, and could be shortened to half a day. We can offer these workshops in English and Dutch.

Team building and creative writing

Everyone within a team has a story to tell. But what is it? This is a fun workshop with lots of creative story exercises to do together. Through the art of creative writing you will get to know each other on a different level, discover everyone’s role within the team and how to improve the group dynamic. This workshop will build on everyone’s strengths and ideas so the team can forge something unique: a creative bond!

Creative writing can make you better in business

Good communication is key to good business. The skills of creative writing can give you interesting new insights on how to write emails, project proposals and web texts. Creative writing can also bring perspective to your work in general, and help you think outside the box, not to mention that it is good for stress relief. A great workshop for anyone looking for a fun form of self-development!

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