To Write a Dada Poem

Author: • October 1, 2017 • Poems

you do not need thoughts – only scissors

to clip the intriguing words

out of magazines and newspapers.

Bag them. Shake them. Then spill them out.


It’s all about smashing syllables

to extract a meaning out of them –

an easy-to-build language collider,

and a poet leading from behind.


Fight as hard as you can the temptation

to tell a story – it stands no chance

of surviving, even if you dare

enact it and call it your life.


Things just happen, which means

happen randomly – so should words:

self-contained, divorced from syntax,

never molested by happy-ends.

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About the Author

Cecile's Writer: Boris KokotovAuthor: Boris Kokotov

Country of residence: United States of America

Nationalities: Russian and American

Mother tongue: Russian

Boris Kokotov was born in Moscow, and currently lives in Baltimore. His poems and short stories have been published in periodicals in Russia, USA, UK, Australia, and Germany. He also translated selected poems of German Romantics and contemporary American poets to the Russian language. His translation of Louise Glück's ‘The Wild Iris’ was nominated for the best translation of the year 2012.

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