Un-losing Lost Identity

Author: • June 25, 2018 • Poems

Language is tongue.

Mi lengua es tu lengua y tu lengua

en mi lengua, sabor al

in-between. We are stuck

in confused identities. Loving

in a thousand foreign homes and home

is nowhere I can decipher.


¿De dónde eres y porqué tan

blanca? This is my question, too,

why am I so, so white?

My skin wants to smell like cornflower

and dust from the fields

I used to walk past on my way to school,

my skin wants to be born a second

birth, nacimiento de corazón,

nacimiento como lo ocurrido cuando

te conocí, cuando te enamoré,

cuando me enamoraste.[1]


Slipping your Oaxaca ring onto my finger

was slipping the zipper closed

between two broken, unknown selves.

Te amo too, I say, and I mean

mi casa es tu casa, más bien,

mi casa eres tú.[2] It has always been you.


[1] birth of the heart, birth like that which occurred when I met you, when you fell in love, when I fell in love.

[2] my house is your house, or rather, my house is you.

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About the Author

Author: Cailey Johanna

Country of residence: United States of America

Nationality: American

Mother tongue: English

Cailey Johanna lives a chaotic life across Mexico and the United States. Born in Colorado, she moved to Mexico when she was six and the country stole her heart. She then moved to Vermont for college, but often writes in Spanish and does freelance translation work. Besides writing, she loves language, God, cacti, and the strange axolotl fish. She has been published in Willard & Maple, Altarwork, and Revista Prisma.

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