Twenty Years After

Author: • July 3, 2016 • Poems

Cambridge © Daniel Enchev via flickrWe were down from Cambridge for the day,

meandering through walkways,

giggling when another dead-end loomed

(never guessing that soon we’d face our own).

Twenty years on and we still haven’t

found the entrance to the theatre.

The pools stunned to silence

by our spins and twirls,

our hatless heads blessed by solemn snowflakes.


Today the fountains trumpet water and sound.

My life? Turned out fair to middling,

not the bright burst of bluebird I once glimpsed

amidst our tangled limbs on narrow college bed.

Perhaps it’s just me

who lingers on borders of might have-beens,

slurping disappointments along with daily bread.


No mumbo-jumbo of twinned souls this, but

when they open up that wizened walnut some call heart,

they’ll find your name rolled up in a scroll so tight.

Once, when I was twenty, I was not brave enough

to flee with my turquoise-fired lover.

And I’ve been paying ever since.

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About the Author

Marina SofiaAuthor: Marina Sofia

Country of residence: France

Nationality: Romanian/British

Mother tongue: Romanian

Marina Sofia is a global nomad, born in Romania, growing up in Austria, studied in England, Japan and Germany, but currently residing just outside Geneva, Switzerland.  She speaks six languages but only writes fiction in English.  She has published short fiction and poetry in a number of print and online magazines and is currently working on her first crime novel, set in Geneva.


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