To My Unborn Child [February 21st, 2017]

Author: • July 1, 2017 • Poems

(To Amiri Baraka)

© Denise P.S. via Flickr.comYour death, I’ve come to see, is my fault.

I have accepted the silence that is in me;

Knowing the world bathes me in more love

Than I, weakest of fathers, could pour upon

You. I have come to embrace and cherish,

The way warmth cannot soften my heart


And so I have grown to know the future,

To truly know it, and not turn away in terror.


Every night, to sleep, I welcome hushed notes,

Though each night it is to a different song.

And when the music plays no more,

I will hold you in my arms


And hear your fragile voice.


In darkness, I placed my hands on her womb,

And could be sure I felt your hand on mine,

I placed my ear on her rising and falling skin,

But could not hear your song —

Only the whispers of her blood,


Wrapping around my fingers.

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About the Author

Ceciles Writer: D. Mars YuvarajanAuthor: D. Mars Yuvarajan

Country of residence: United States of America

Nationality: British and New Zealand

Mother tongue: English

Mars Yuvarajan is a Tamil New Zealand poet, born in the UK to parents who fled Sri Lanka’s civil war. Moving to New Zealand, Mars was a Naval Officer before earning his Master’s degree studying poetic translation and penning his first collection Night Owl and Other Poems.  He has also published .M.oments (Volume One) andQuiet Songs From Yesterday.  His poetry explores the human condition and the immigrant experience.

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