The Retaliation

Author: • September 10, 2017 • Poems

fire-pixabayI wanted to be peaceful

I played cool you insulted me

I kept still you stabbed me

My desire was to be a good man

I did not eat people’s guavas

Neither did I put their shoes on

I sheltered their children

I watered their flock

When they slapped my brother

I apologized

I was hurt but I shut up

My toes hurt under their feet: I persevered

Despite your constant aggression

I never fought back

There comes a time my dear friends

When silence is backed by the fist

And today you set my house and crops inferno

And torched all I owned

So my dear neighbors

Your children and wives bodies

Are lying by the riverside

You pressed the spring too hard

It snapped back

I am sorry for clearing innocent lives

I will be back for you…

Your children and wives were innocent

So were my crops, house, sister and cattle.

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About the Author

Cecile's Writer: Brian BabuAuthor: Brian Babu

Country of residence: Kenya

Nationality: Kenyan

Mother tongue: Swahili

Brian Babu has a keen interest in poetry. He draws his inspiration from a culturally rich state, observing its people and nature. He is currently studying IT with the intention of enrolling for a degree in English Literature. This is his first published poem.

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