The House of Aguinaldo

Author: • June 12, 2016 • Poems

Manila Bay © Prince Roy via flickrYour name means Christmas gift,

And yes, you bestowed

Upon your country

A fine gift, your house,


A generous patrimony,

Memorial to courage,

Summons to hope.

As travelers approach,


Many-gabled red roofs

Notably rise into view,

Presided over by a tower

Six storeys high,


A lookout embellished by

Five quaintly pointed spires.

Gracing the front esplanade,

Your bronze statue—


Your visage, undaunted,

Drawn sword at the ready,

Riding your stately mount,

Foreleg upraised, purposefully.

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About the Author

Gonzalinho da CostaAuthor: Gonzalinho da Costa

Country of residence: Philippines

Nationality: Philippine

Mother tongue(s): English, Filipino

Gonzalinho da Costa has lived in Hong Kong for five years, worked in the U.S. for nine years, is currently based in the Philippines, his place of birth, and has traveled extensively throughout North America, Western Europe, and East and Southeast Asia.  Besides English, he has studied French, Spanish, German, Latin, Cantonese, and Filipino.  He has published over 80 academic and industry articles and books, and his poetry is featured in 27 literary journals and three anthologies.  He is one of the winners of the Carillon Magazine 2015 Sonnets for Charity Competition.

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