Sticks and Stones

Author: • October 29, 2017 • Plays

MOSES comes out of the tent, looking grave.


PHINEAS      So what’s the verdict, uncle Moe?

MOSES          I threw myself on my face and pleaded for leniency, but he wouldn’t listen. He said to take him out of the camp and have everyone stone him to death.

PHINEAS      (prodding ABIASAPH) That’s it, then. Move it!

ABIASAPH   Clear this up for me first. If it’s not kosher to pick up sticks on Saturday, how can it be kosher to pick up stones?


In the midst of stooping, MOSES and AARON exchange a look.


AARON         I don’t know, Moish—shouldn’t you go in and raise that with him?

MOSES          He’ll just tell me to come back when I can land a whale with a fishhook. Let’s get this over with.


MOSES and AARON exit with the stones they’ve picked up. As he pushes ABIASAPH after them, PHINEAS turns to the audience.


PHINEAS      What’s this? Are you people still sitting there? Up! Everybody! Let’s rock!





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Cecile's Writer: Stephen BailyAuthor: Stephen Baily

Country of residence: France

Nationality: American

Mother tongue: English

Stephen Baily, a native of the Bronx, is the author of three full-length and seven shorter plays. His short fiction has appeared in some forty journals, and he's also the author of three novels, including "Markus Klyner, MD, FBI," which is available as a Kindle e-book. He lives in Paris with his French wife.

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