Sticks and Stones

Author: • October 29, 2017 • Plays

Enter, abruptly, carrying a bundle of sticks, ABIASAPH, propelled by PHINEAS with a spear.


AARON         Well, if it isn’t my zealot of a grandson. Who’s this you’ve got in custody, Phineas?

PHINEAS      His name’s Abiasaph. We found him just now scrounging for wood in the brush. I was going to gut him on the spot, but the other witnesses talked me out of it—said I should leave it to you and uncle Moe to decide what to do with him.

MOSES          (to ABIASAPH) Is this true? You were gathering wood?

ABIASAPH   And so what if I was? Do I deserve to be threatened with disembowelment over a few crummy sticks?

MOSES          The law couldn’t be clearer. You’re not allowed to lift a finger on Saturday.

ABIASAPH   All the same, I’m not about to apologize for having two sick kids in my tent. Without a fire, how’s my wife supposed to boil them up some manna?

PHINEAS      You believe this? He’s not even embarrassed to admit he was planning to burn those sticks! I say I get his first-born and spit him on my spear.

AARON         That’s going a little far, don’t you think? It’s just some wood, after all. It’s not as if you’d caught him miscegenating with a Midianite. I say we confiscate the sticks and let him off with a warning.

PHINEAS      What about it, uncle Moe? Do we slap his wrist, or cut it off?

MOSES          I think, in this particular case, I’d better consult a higher authority.

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Cecile's Writer: Stephen BailyAuthor: Stephen Baily

Country of residence: France

Nationality: American

Mother tongue: English

Stephen Baily, a native of the Bronx, is the author of three full-length and seven shorter plays. His short fiction has appeared in some forty journals, and he's also the author of three novels, including "Markus Klyner, MD, FBI," which is available as a Kindle e-book. He lives in Paris with his French wife.

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