Shower Break

Author: • February 3, 2016 • Flash Fiction

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You close the door, turn on the tap and wait till the water is right.  You take off your clothes, put the slippers away and get under the flow of warmth and calmness.  You remember a postcard with two lovers standing under a waterfall on some paradise island.  The picture makes you recollect your first kiss, which was far from romantic.  Then your train of thoughts gets you to your first affair.  You start thinking how different your life could be if you had accepted your first lover’s proposal to marry.  Not a proposal, actually, just an idea voiced after several bottles of beer, but quite a good idea as it seems to you now.  You could have gotten married, bought a house, had three lovely children…


Not the two brats running around the house all the time, pretending they are super-heroes for whose expensive outfits you have to pay for.  But you should not be too harsh; they are still your kids.  And after everything you went through with your other half…


Hot streams run down your body and your face, and you take a shower gel to immerse yourself into the flowery aroma that will “relax your senses and make your skin de-toxified”.  You thank God for not having to work at a plant where your skin would really get toxified, and you start thinking about your job and then imagine yourself in another job, and then even out of a job.  You know several people who do find it a good idea to run the household instead of fighting for a place under a fluorescent office sun.  You think about the life of an unemployed character from a new TV serial and you try to predict the intrigue of the next episode.


Then it comes to you that you are taking a shower for too long and you take a step towards a shelf to choose a shampoo.  The bath is so slippery you cannot help picturing yourself falling onto the floor.  There would be a lot of blood and a lot of tears; they would all regret the loss.  Auch!  The water is killingly cold.  How can you imagine yourself dead in such icy water?  When the temperature is normal again you brush your teeth, feeling guilty of being eco-unfriendly.  You must have been in here for an hour already.


You get out of the bathroom quickly and look at the watch.  Eight minutes have passed.  Great!  You have two more minutes for yourself before the alarm goes off and you will again become a super-mom, a good employee and a loving wife.  The alarm goes off and you cannot help singing along with it:


Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me

But I won’t feel blue

Like I always do…



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About the Author

Maria ShaninaAuthor: Maria Shanina

Country of residence: Russia

Nationality: Russian

Mother tongue: Russia

Maria Shanina is a literary translator and a university lecturer from Russia.  After coming across a book by Ray Bradbury on the art of writing, she decided to challenge herself to write her first story in English.  Now Maria grabs a pen to draft every time she has a break.  Her stories have recently appeared in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine and Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

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