Author: • December 4, 2016 • Flash Fiction

© Jhaymesisviphotography via‘Is that someone’s phone?’ she said.

He was the first of the three men at the table to react.

‘Oh, yeah, it’s mine!’

He hadn’t used his phone for the past half hour.

im leaving soon… wait a while and follow 😉

He understood. Her boyfriend was boring.

‘Well, I’m going to meet the girls. You boys have fun!’

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About the Author

James Baxenfield_by Mana KaasikAuthor: James Baxenfield

Country of residence: Estonia

Nationality: British

Mother tongue: English

James Baxenfield was born in England but has lived in Eastern and Central Europe for most of his adult life.  He currently resides in Estonia where he lectures part-time at the University of Tartu on topics related to nineteenth century English literature, particularly the works of Rudyard Kipling.  As a point of note, Baxenfield does not consider himself to be a hipster and, whilst he should, he rarely wears glasses.

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