New York Secrets

Author: • December 9, 2017 • Novelettes

Cody Harrison, the heir to a corporate fortune in Cincinnati, had worked on the student newspaper at Kent State University. He decided to pursue a career as a writer rather than a business executive. After graduating, Cody spent a few months working for the family’s vast insurance empire, but he found the job totally unsatisfying. He decided to take a leave of absence and move to New York City. Cody’s parents imposed a few conditions to test his resolve before allowing him to go: he had to temporarily forfeit his regular corporate income and manage to live on whatever salary he earned in New York.

Given his family name and connections, he easily could have insinuated himself into the highest levels of New York society. But he used his family ties to get himself hired as a columnist for a small weekly newspaper called The New York Globe. The job didn’t pay much, but it gave Cody the opportunity to explore the city, meet unconventional people, and discover interesting stories for his column. Cody had heard talk about Fletcher Lewis, who ran a successful graphic design studio. He also heard about the women who frequented Lewis’ design studio and hoped they would provide the kind of story material he wanted for his column.

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Arthur Black is of a mixed heritage—Belarusian father and Polish mother. He grew up in a household where four languages were spoken, including Yiddish. His command of Spanish is constantly improving due to relatives living in Argentina.

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