Little Skull

Author: • June 26, 2016 • Poems

baby grave © Danielle Martineau via flickrThe horror of it –

Your brain goes numb

Flat like static –


Months of build-up

Preparations, congratulations

How can you face it?


Going home empty

To a hundred reminders

Instead of a birth

An empty little skull

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About the Author

Sasha KasoffAuthor: Sasha Kasoff

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Nationality: American

Mother tongue: English

Sasha Kasoff may have a Russian name but her CA and NY parents gave her five ethnicities.  Her poetry can be found in two self-published books and many anthologies, magazines, and other literary presses all over the world.  She is currently earning her MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University in England.  Look for her author pages on Goodreads, Facebook, and at


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