I Had a Dream

Author: • February 5, 2017 • Poems

© Patrick Hamilton via flickr.comI had a dream

The world, the way it might seem

Is going along the stream

To celebrate our own theme

I had once a dream

My sufferings will all be gone

My traces are everything but none

I have finally won

I have celebrated my dawn

I had a dream

All along the life’s shore

You can loudly hear our roar

We have closed the sore

And come to what we once swore

We are the women of today

We have walked that damaged way

We have finally come to stay

And he who made us suffer will pay

I had once a dream

After a very long fight

Through day and night

The dream comes true

And we have finally found the clue

Our freedom is all what we might do

To get rid of all the absurd

To, finally, say the good word

And what we have proffered

It’s our time now

So let us make a vow

That we will always stay

That our strength will never fade away

We have now to say

That we have transferred

Into that beautiful bird

That burns into fire

Whenever it is hurt

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About the Author

Ceciles Writer_Bouteraa BochraAuthor: Bouteraa Bochra

Country of residence: Algeria

Nationality: Algerian

Mother tongue: Arabic

Bouterra Bouchra graduated from Badji Mokhtar-Annaba University with an English degree in 2009. She is now a full-time teacher in Skikda, preparing her doctoral theses on ecofeminism, and working on a novel entitled Sleep Walker.

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