I Eat Dry Bread…

Author: • August 28, 2016 • Poems

Bread © Sarah via flickrI eat dry bread in the desert:

It tastes like a cake of dust.

I breathe in and out powdery clouds:

Nostrils singe, snorting fire.

I swallow my own saliva:

Thick paste coats my inside throat.

How will I sustain my journey in this land

When my mouth is filled with sand?


I falter inside a steel kettle, sparks popping about.

Black footprints flame at the edges.

I am dried up, a gourd rattling seeds.

Heat waves deceive like the devil.

Thirsty, I lick at a mirage with my eyes.

Twisting, I glimpse the taskmaster sun.

Hands astride hips, he glares mercilessly,

Glowering white noon death rays.


The sky is livid, a clown murderer, crimson lips, grinning.

He spills sacksful of hot ash from above.

Hordes, buried alive, scratch at the insides of a wooden coffin.

Spiritless as the burning air gone lifeless,

I am dark as a moonless, starless sky,

Staggering in an expanse unbounded beyond extreme sight,

Devoid of any atom of hope,

Despair, a universe expanding endlessly.

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About the Author

Gonzalinho da CostaAuthor: Gonzalinho da Costa

Country of residence: Philippines

Nationality: Philippine

Mother tongue(s): English, Filipino

Gonzalinho da Costa has lived in Hong Kong for five years, worked in the U.S. for nine years, is currently based in the Philippines, his place of birth, and has traveled extensively throughout North America, Western Europe, and East and Southeast Asia.  Besides English, he has studied French, Spanish, German, Latin, Cantonese, and Filipino.  He has published over 80 academic and industry articles and books, and his poetry is featured in 27 literary journals and three anthologies.  He is one of the winners of the Carillon Magazine 2015 Sonnets for Charity Competition.

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