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tartan_pixabayMaybe I am not the person you thought

I was – I don’t align with my accent;

I am not clear-cut, straight-line, one-flag-cheer, but

ask anyway.

I am not so hybrid or complex

that I can’t deign to explain.

Listen – mixed pattern is in fashion

and I am a patchwork match.


I am tartan stars,

I am white, blue, and brave,

I am gringa, huasita

and no longer a slave

to the need to belong

or fit into your boxes;

I know patriot song

isn’t really what knocks us

out of touch.


I am a person of twist ancestry,

intertwining histories, plucked

from a fresh species of family tree,

and it’s ok to ask me –

I am mixed, not confused –

I was born a cross, and became something new.

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About the Author

Ceciles Writer: Daniela NeiraAuthor: Daniela Neira

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Nationality: British/Chilean

Mother tongue: English

Daniela is the daughter of Scottish and Chilean parents, and has spent most of her life living in an English village (with more sheep than people). She is passionate about story-telling, and about giving voice to those who don’t quite fit in society’s boxes. Her love of travel has taken her to 40 countries so far, but she hopes to double that number.

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