Game of Stones

Author: • January 29, 2018 • Personal Essays

bar-pixabayOn Sundays, it is kind of a faux pas to show up at Stones Bar after 9 PM. You can, of course, come in whenever you want, the door will screech, the bar locals will all turn their heads in your direction, and Josh will have to take his eyes off the TV screen—even if it happens to be the middle of an epic battle scene—to pour you whatever it is you drink.

The magic of the show—the one with dragons, beautiful violence, and disturbing sex—will be ruined for everyone, and ruining somebody’s escape from reality is not how you make friends in Brooklyn.

The newcomer does not know the rules. She walks in right in the middle of an episode and keeps the door open, deciding whether she wants to go in or not.

What kinds of white wine do you have? she asks.

Oh, sweet mother of dragons, sit down, will you, says Henry. Can’t you see the White Walkers are about to screw the entire world in the ass?

The girl nods as if she knows what Henry is talking about. She sits next to me, with her dry white wine.

I am so sorry, she says. And she starts sobbing.


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