Faux Pas

Author: • January 6, 2016 • Short Stories

A minute later I felt a pat on my back and turned to see a familiar, yet unrecognizable face.  He had short brown hair, long nose, long face, and icy blue retinas.

“Ben Murphy?”

“Yeah,” the answer slowly left me.

“It’s Aaron from Best Buy.  Like eight years ago.”

“Oh-ho! Shit,” I did a double take.  “What are you doing in Portland?”

“Came up here for a teaching job,” he said.  “Actually, I was visiting a friend in Vancouver about a year ago and we drove down into Portland.  No going back after that.  How long have you been up here?”

“Bout a year, now.”

“Oh yeah, what brought you up here?” Aaron asked.

“Family.  Some cousins.  Couldn’t do another Phoenix summer, ya know?”

“Fuck me if I’ll go through that again,” Aaron squinted, side stepping into the shade.  “We’ll both be burning our tits off out here today.”

I chuckled at that same ol’ crassness.  Aaron suggested we exchange numbers and meet up at some point during the festival.  We talked for a few minutes and he listed the acts he wanted to see most and asked me what were mine.  I told him about my Saturday shift and how I’d miss most of the performances I had anticipated seeing.  He suggested I push to get rescheduled and seemed confident it would work.  I considered, but knew I would avoid any extra effort.

About the Author

Matt SmithAuthor: Matt Smith

Country of residence: United States

Nationality: American

Mother tongue: English

Matt Smith is a writer, teacher, activist, and pop-culture maven. He spent four years in Ulsan, South Korea as an ESL instructor and in that time set foot on four continents and sixteen countries. Currently, he resides in Portland, Oregon. You can find him hanging around the second run movie theaters and pizza joints.


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