El Fin Del Mundo

Author: • October 30, 2016 • Plays

oilwell © wikipediaCAST:

Mercedes Coleman Juarez (37), Argentine-American professor of Climate Studies

Robert Coleman (43), American-Argentine accountant, Mercedes’ brother

Waiter/Andrés Juarez (17), an Argentine teenager, Mercedes’ son

Michael (early 20’s), an American exchange student (can be doubled by the same actor playing Andrés)



The entire play takes place in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, present day.

Scene 1 – a fine restaurant

Scene 2 – a lecture hall/auditorium – the front porch of the Sullivan family home


“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.” – Winston Churchill



(A fine restaurant in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  MERCEDES, 37, waits at a table alone drinking a glass of wine.  ROBERT, 43, arrives and a WAITER, 17, tries to help him to a table, but ROBERT seeing MERCEDES breezes by without acknowledging him.)

ROBERT:  Mercedes?

MERCEDES:  Hello, Robert.

ROBERT:  Tanto tiempo (he goes to hug her).

MERCEDES:  (Lets him hug her awkwardly)  Yes, a very long time.

ROBERT:  Perdón.  (Pause)  ¿Qué tomamos?

MERCEDES:  Malbec.  Can I pour you a glass?

ROBERT:  Sí, sí.  Fantástico.

MERCEDES:  Así que, ¿vamos a hablar en castellano?

ROBERT:  Como quieras.

MERCEDES:  I’m surprised you’ve been able to maintain your Spanish.

ROBERT:  Really?  I was 18 when I left.  It’s pretty much baked in.  Your English, on the other hand –

MERCEDES:   – is just fine, thank you –

ROBERT:   – I was going to say excellent –

MERCEDES:   – so if you’re more comfortable –

ROBERT:  Como quieras.

MERCEDES:  Let’s speak English, then.  I’ve been teaching a seminar for some American exchange students, so I’m in the mindset.  And, since everyone else is speaking Spanish, we can speak more freely.

ROBERT:  As you like.

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About the Author

A Cecile's Writer: K J DwyerAuthor:  K J Dwyer

Country of residence:  France

Nationality:  American/Irish

Mother tongues:  English and Spanish

K J met his mate and moved to Buenos Aires in 2004, where he began to write while operating a B&B.  After years hosting visitors from every continent, they moved to Paris in 2015.  His Huffington Post article What’s Left? (2010) inspired a turn to playwriting.  El Fin del Mundo, read by Moving Parts during the COP21 Climate Conference, was a finalist in Strange Sun Theater’s Greenhouse Project in January, 2016.


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