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canvas © anders pearson via flickrI see this elegant painting which hangs in the near bare hall way,

Southwards towards my squalid room, somewhat in the

direction of a silent door which opens both ways–

Work made of Paper weight canvas, inscribed-masterpiece,

lips left in limbo by an artist who forgot dust gathers in open

spaces. An artist who left contours around twisted lips, dipped in gold hue.

I have held this masterpiece before, hushed like a mother to an unforgiving child.

I have searched for the best light source like a still life artist who has found

use for pallid sounds lost in thunderstorms;

I sometimes close my eyes, dream paper might find its use again,

away from toilet rolls.

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About the Author

Lind Grant-OyeyeAuthor: Lind Grant-Oyeye

Country of residence: Ireland / Canada

Nationality: Nigerian / Irish

Mother tongue : Urhobo / Ibo

Lind Grant-Oyeye was born in Nigeria.  She has visited and lived in several countries.  Her work has appeared in major literary magazines, anthologies and special poetry projects.  She is the recipient of the UHRSN human rights poetry award.

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