Author: • September 24, 2017 • Poems

my tongue is drenched of colorful verbs

I want to sprinkle

my sweat

on sweet words

drinking from your absent lips all my pleasure

remembering days of pure joy

[in ecstasy]


those are errant old dreams of the orient

they wandered

among bright rice fields

and now they lay down

on your eyes

illuminating sanctuaries of the past

…. evil green and blue tourmaline eyes!


what are your colors now?

[are you blue?]

I know nothing about you anymore

but I am lost

in your solar spectrum

for all time traveling

from east to west

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About the Author

Cecile's Writer: Bruno AlvesAuthor: Bruno Alves

Country of residence: Brazil

Nationality: Brazilian

Mother Tongue: Portuguese

Bruno Alves is a Brazilian writer. He lives in Sao Paulo with his wife and daughter. He is constantly writing articles, poems and short stories for newspapers and magazines in Latin American countries, and travelling to the US, Africa and Asia.

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