Catch ‘n Release

Author: • August 6, 2017 • Personal Essays

Bill had so much going for him. He was bright, witty, handsome, affectionate and generous to a fault, but when it came to his health he had a big problem called denial. The incident had, in a flash, turned my world upside down. Sad, confused, and tearful, I found myself on a wild emotional roller-coaster ride that left me physically drained.

During a date, weeks earlier, we’d shared information about our health and prescription medications, so why hadn’t Bill mentioned he was a diabetic and on insulin? Was I being spoon-fed? What else was he hiding from me?

Bill called me several times that week to talk. He was his charming self while we spoke and pooh-poohed my concerns. He laughingly said he was fit as a fiddle and wanted to see me, so we agreed to meet for coffee.

Almost everything in life carries some element of risk, so either I accept Bill or release him and move on. I struggled about doing the right thing. Was I prepared to take on something very complicated, and allow someone into my life with trust issues? I reeled myself back into reality. Then I thought Bill’s attitude and withholding crucial health information from one’s partner was a deal-breaker.

Several days later, when Bill and I met at Java Hyde Park, we stood close to one another and hugged. It was a heartbreaking parting. I wept.

Spring is a time of renewal. Inspired by nature with hiking trails out my front door, I sought solace in nature to grieve a broken heart. And opted not to go back fishing on line to the dating pool.

As the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda wrote, “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”

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