Catch ‘n Release

Author: • August 6, 2017 • Personal Essays

On a crisp, cold spring morning hiking along Camel’s Back Park trails, the impulse to step outside my comfort zone had surprisingly taken hold of me. In my defense, I was a divorcée of a certain age and living the dream in a charming urban oasis in Boise, Idaho. My abode was in the North End, an historic neighborhood with nature and hiking trails out my front door. Was it the ever-so-wild allure of a travel adventure to lose myself in the intrigue of a secret romantic fling in an exotic locale that beckoned?

Alas! The Year of Living Dangerously, that ever-fascinating interlude in my life, did not take me clubbing till dawn in steamy Jakarta, or to a romantic and secluded pink beach with killer sunsets in the Komodo Islands. Hole-Y Moly. Instead, I found myself on my first foray into the steamy jungle rivers of the 21st century – navigating a virtual maze of potential lovers on matchmaking Web sites on the Internet.

Even though the prospect of finding Mr. Right online posed its own set of challenges, my imagination was running wild; I simply couldn’t let go of the cyberspace dating fantasy. My approach to find the perfect partner was to cautiously navigate uncharted waters by researching the landscape for senior online dating ad nauseam.

“Knight’s in shinning armor don’t ride up on a white stallion named Cupid to your front door and sweep you off your feet,” said Carolyn, laughing.

Jen smiled and chimed in, “You’ll meet lots of fun and interesting guys.”

Well, my life was about to change when my savvy single friends shanghaied me into signing up on their favorite baby boomer’s dating website. Boise, they shared, has the best urban fishing. After landing a fish, however, it’s catch and keep, or release pronto. Spring brought in schools of fish with dating profiles and pictures posted online 24/7. I wrote a catchy headline and posted a couple of pictures to reel in potential suitors to view my awesome online dating profile.

“JazzyCougar208” I titled it. “Looking for that special someone with joie de vivre for a serious relationship.” Later that afternoon, I had received several emails from potential matches. Aviator4U wrote, “Great profile and stunning photos! I want to hear more about you, JazzyCougar208.” Aviator4U had a certain je ne sais quoi about him; I clicked and downloaded his profile to read. That evening, I exchanged several emails with Aviator4U. We hit it off from the get-go. Bill was intelligent, witty and playful; the slow tango began. And soon the volley of getting to know each other emails was followed by phone conversations that kept me laughing.

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