A Stream and a Leaf

Author: • August 14, 2016 • Poems

leaf © Sandy Brown Jensen via flickrHiking on a trail,  

Just today,

I halted

At the edge of a creek.

There, I saw,

Floating downstream,

A leaf—

A small, green thing.

Now slow and then quicker,

It slid on.


Expelled from a tree,

By sheer force it went,

Down into the river,

or so I guessed.

And where from there?

Will this leaf reach

The sea?



If instead of a leaf,

Floating on a stream

Toward the river and the sea,

It were a soul,

I reckoned,

On what stream

And toward what river and sea

Would it float?

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About the Author

José L RecioAuthor: José L Recio

Country of Residence: United States of America

Nationality: American, Spanish

Mother tongue: Spanish

José L Recio was born and raised in Spain, where he studied medicine.  He left for California, where he currently lives with his second wife.  Over the last few years, interest in creative writing keeps him busy.  He has written a memoir; short stories, one published in The Acentos Review; and poetry, published in the Aurorean and LasdosCastillas.

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