A Small Death

Author: • April 23, 2017 • Poems

© Monika via flickr.comMercy seeks itself like a new man

whose old god has deserted him for a loose woman

who wipes her kids’ snot with her Sunday dress


She lost her childhood in the early morning

to a man who moaned his daughter’s name

innocence reduced to stained knickers,

the mark of unloving shoved in a full drawer


His breath reeked of a sickly-sweet odour

and foul words in a dying language

he was not meant for this world

(in broken English, they still call him a bastard)


Her body a mediocre medal for insecure men

now evaporating into lonesome rooms,

melting into the walls like an old crease on wallpaper

her suicide reasoning’s found in an empty drawer:


“It wasn’t love – just a greater range of emotions”

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About the Author

Cecile's Writer: Hanna AliAuthor: Hanna Ali

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Nationality: Swedish

Mother tongue: Somali

Hanna Ali is a PhD candidate in SOAS where she specialises in African Identity; a theme that features heavily in her creative writing.  A former child refugee and a full-time citizen-of-the-world, her writings are concerned with unpacking what it means to be lost.  She is a member of Exiled Writers and was recently short-listed in the London Short Story Prize 2016.  Her work has been published in Scarf Magazine, Public Pool, Case Stories and forthcoming in Brittle Paper.

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