Editorial: An Eclectic Mix

December 21, 2015 • News & Events

We have an eclectic mix of literature in this edition, including an interview with award-winning editor and writer Tara L. Masih. Two personal essays by Christine Stoddard and Paul Sohar—as distinct as can be in terms of voice and content—share these pages. In My Mother, the Mayor of Quincy Park, Salvadoran-Scottish Stoddard treats us to her mother’s wisdom in raising her in an intercultural environment even though she led her classmates to believe her mother was her nanny. Sohar’s Escape tells of the harrowing experience fleeing communist occupied Hungary. He immerses us in the bleak setting and whispered conspiracies, as he and his companions try to make it safely across the border.

We also bring you fiction by Turkish-American Adnan Adam Onart and British-Irish Clive Collins. Onart’s flash fiction Turtle Trainer is a charming literary vignette based on Osman Hamdi Bey—we especially love how integral the photo is to the story. Collin’s Traveller’s and Other Strangers is about a father’s sojourn while seeking out a school for his half Japanese daughter in England, so she can be raised there rather than in Japan with its over-demanding school system.

New Genres

As promised, CW continues to grow.  We are now open for submissions in drama, so send in your well-polished plays and we just might publish them.

We also have a 3-month period of open submissions for poetry, starting from the 1st of January till the 31st of March, any submissions sent outside this window will not be considered or acknowledged.  Please read the guidelines for poetry submissions carefully before sending in your work.  We expect to begin publishing poetry in the summer of 2016.

Happy readings.

Cecile, Samir, Sofia, Vanessa
Cecile’s Writers Magazine editorial team

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