Editorial: The Joy of Growth

June 3, 2016 • News & Events

Growth © Michelle Kinsey Bruns via flickr.comThere is much delight here at CWM as our hard work and passion begins to bear fruit.  We are growing to the point that we now have vacancies for an internship and for volunteer writers.  In July we hope to re-launch our blog, with new writers and contributors from around the world sharing their views on literature.  Our readership is also on the rise.  As of June, we will be publishing something new every week online.  And, the next edition will be only poetry!  So we have much cause for celebration.

In this edition, we feature flash fictions that are equally poetic and moving—The Garment of Many Lands by Australian Georgina Elizabeth, and Flames by Australian/British Nicholas John Greenfield.  We also feature two short stories—Meditation by Pakistani/American Farah Ali, and The Kind of Thing That Happens by Sudanese/Egyptian/American Tagreid Hassabo.  The first story contrasts happy memories with traumatic ones during a meditation session, and the latter shows us that some horrors transcend culture and country.  Furthermore, we have a personal essay by Greek Anna Drallios, Sotirawhich gives us a glimpse at her bleak visit back to her war-torn village.

For this edition we have interviewed Vyvyan Fox, an upcoming writer whose first publication was here on CWM in our very first edition—Butterflies Instead.  She is currently working on her YA novel and we picked her brain about her process, and the excitement of being published.

Cecile, Samir, Sofia, Vanessa
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