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October 24, 2016 • News & Events

bubble © John Loo via flickrDuring our editorial staff meeting in the summer of 2015, we debated whether or not to focus on a special edition of our digital magazine for the following year. All options were on the table, we thought about a theme-based issue, we played with the idea of word-restricted submissions, or maybe a flash fiction edition, but in the end, we decided on publishing a poetry edition.

This was simultaneously exciting and daunting. We had not yet published any poems and when we started the magazine, we purposefully chose to wait with publishing poetry until we grew and had a broad readership. So it felt right to now aim for a edition of poetry in 2016. We were worried writers and poets would not consider us a home for their poems; that we would be setting ourselves up for a doomsday scenario with only a handful of submissions.

Looking back, we were amazed at the number and the quality of the poems that rolled in. We could barely keep up with reviewing and deciding which to accept. It is a relief that we can laugh off our worry. In the end, we chose 15 poems, as we wanted to publish one poem a week. We are especially proud of the intercultural background of our poetry contributors, with backgrounds such as Japanese, Nigerian, Somali, Filipino, and Spanish to mention a few.

Because of this success, and the amount of fun we had reading these insightful and well-crafted poems, we have decided to add poetry to our open submissions category.

So, we proudly present here the 15 poems selected and published in Cecile’s Writers Magazine Poetry Edition 2016.

Cecile, Samir, Sofia, Vanessa
Cecile’s Writers Magazine editorial team

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