Editorial: Renewed Energy

August 8, 2014 • News & Events

Renewed EnergyOur third volume is here. In the past months, positive life changing events continued to occupy much of our personal time, and that reflected on our work for the magazine.  But quitting does not suit us well, so we worked hard to find our way back with renewed energy.

We are always grateful to all the writers who continue to take an interest in our magazine with their submissions, or by just establishing contact with us. We hope these writers spread the word about us, so our readership continues to grow.

In this edition, we have a short story “Because Ogwugwu Said So” by Egoyibo Okoro, a Nigerian writer publishing her first story here, which is a delightful tale revealing African mysticism that is still prominent in many cultures on the continent.  We also have our first novel excerpt “Jacek” by the talented Isla McKetta, her novel Polska (from which the excerpt is taken) has now been released.  We also have two flash fiction stories by American based writers with very different flavors: “Rules” by M Krockmalnik Grabois and “Sonia” by Emily Jaeger.

We hope you enjoy this collection.

Cecile, Samir, Sofia, Vanessa
Cecile’s Writers Magazine editorial team

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