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May 31, 2015 • News & Events

© Justin Henry via flikr.comThe focus on intercultural writers is definitely a small niche in the literary market and during the first few months, it kept us preoccupied with questions like:  Are we not too specific?  Who is going to submit their stories to us?  Will there be interested readers?  Luckily, our worries turned out to be unnecessary.  The flavours of the world now come in regularly, and we love the different tastes.  Not to mention also discovering the background of our writers is just as exciting as reading their stories.  We are continuously amazed at how small the world really is.

This edition takes us from Africa to Japan.  We begin with former African traveller Alison Silverglad, whose short story Braids is set in West Africa.  She re-imagines some of the village life she experienced there through the eyes of young Ramu.  Alison accomplishes a fine balance between the heart-warming and the tragic.  Vietnamese Lana Bella returns with another lyrically seductive flash fiction, The Great Sleep, where the protagonist is haunted by the memory of her dead lover.  In the second flash fiction The Origin of Miracles, Philippine Dorotea Mendoza stirs us with motherly love and devotion.  And finally, the third flash fiction One Last Thing Before You Go by New Zealander Raquel Fontanilla, where we are immersed in an overcrowded Japanese subway to experience a most uncomfortable situation.

We hope you enjoy this collection.

Cecile, Samir, Sofia, Vanessa
Cecile’s Writers Magazine editorial team

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