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March 6, 2016 • News & Events

2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year for us, here at CWM.  We are still open for poetry submissions until the end of March and it is thrilling to see the kind of poems that come our way, not to mention the fun of immersing ourselves into them as we analyse and critique them.  We are hoping to be equally engaged with plays and still await submissions in that genre.

We have two new flash fictions—Shower Break by Russian Maria Shanina shows us how valuable a mother’s shower time is; and Kuwaiti Haitham Alsarraf exhibits the universal ceremonial repetitiveness for prayer in his vignette Friday Mosque.  In her personal essay Ful and Falafel, Sarah Osman shows the friction that arises from the clash between American and Egyptian culture.  Matt Smith’s short story Faux Pas explores the thin line between expressing opinions and racial discrimination.

CWM is also happy to publish an interview with Nigerian author Abubakar A. Ibrahim.  The interview focuses on the cultural aspects in Ibrahim’s writing, and touches on magical realism and the state of publishing in Nigeria.

Cecile, Samir, Sofia, Vanessa
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