Editing Award-winning Anthologies

December 2, 2015 • Interviews

CWM:  If there’s anything I learned in reading The Chalk Circle, it is that you compile a beautiful anthology as an editor, from the quality of the essays selected to the layout and style adopted; not to mention the underlying educational aspect of the content.  What can readers expect from The Best Small Fictions 2015?

Masih:  Well, thank you so much for noticing!  Having been a production editor really helps me work with designers to achieve the right look, and having taught and having worked on textbooks allows me to anticipate the needs of instructors visually and content wise.  In addition to interviews with a top journal editor and acclaimed author, readers can expect from BSF some of the finest small fictions that appeared in 2014 literary journals and collections worldwide.  These are not always safe stories.  They push boundaries in both style and subject matter.  We hope readers will be illuminated and inspired.

CWM:  Thank you.

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