Editing Award-winning Anthologies

December 2, 2015 • Interviews

CWM:  This is the second anthology you have worked on, after the successful collection of prize-winning essays The Chalk Circle; what draws you to work on anthologies of this nature?

Masih:  Actually, in some regards, it’s the third.  The Flash Field Guide is technically an anthology as well.  I love reading, writing, and editing.  Compiling an anthology uses all those skills and I get to work with the best writers out there and contribute something to the reading and teaching community.  Who would not want that job?


CWM:  You are, of course, a writer as well; your collection Where the Dog Star Never Glows received much praise back in 2010, when it was published.  How does your knowledge of being a successful short story writer influence your work as an editor?

Masih:  I think being an author myself helps me be a better editor.  I know what it’s like to get edited well and poorly.  I’ve learned over the years to respect the author’s voice and intentions and try to the best of my ability to edit in her or his own style and to approach as gently as possible.  All artists are hypersensitive.  It’s what makes them creative.

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