“Language Is Like a Soul”

March 15, 2013 • Interviews

CWM:  Most language students, or English literature students, might be familiar with your work, especially your encyclopedias on the English Language, yet many of them might not be aware that you are a blogger too. How was it that you came to be a part of the blogging world?

Crystal:  Mine is a reactive (as opposed to a proactive) blog. In other words I use it to answer questions that I get sent through other channels. Because people know of me from my books, they do write to me a lot, and some years ago I realized that the same questions were coming up over and over. A blog was the obvious way of dealing with the potential duplication. By answering a question on my blog, I can simply refer a new enquiry on the point to the relevant post. It has saved me huge amounts of time. It also means I’m not a regular blogger, as I only post on topics (a) of general interest and (b) where I’ve got something fresh to say. I don’t rehash stuff that’s already available in my books or in standard reference sources.

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