Short Stories

  • Lahcen’s Blue-eyed Bride

    Short Story by Khalid Bekkaoui

    Arriving in the town of Rommani late in the evening, and having no place to go, Omar entered a mosque, rolled his coat around his shoes as a pillow, and went to sleep. ... Read on...

  • The Score

    May 7, 2018 • Short Stories
    The Score

    Short story by Salvatore Difalco

    Louie and Craig were already at Brando’s when I arrived, seated at his dining room table staring at their phones and smoking weed. A cloud of blue-grey smoke enveloped them... Read on...

  • Great Again

    April 9, 2018 • Short Stories
    Great Again

    Short story by Andrew Stiggers

    Bloody foreigners - why don’t you bugger off back across the Channel? Frank had spied them through the tiny window. What a shame he didn’t have a working rifle, he thought. ... Read on...

  • Latin Night

    March 12, 2018 • Short Stories
    Latin Night

    Short story by K. Joffré

    Bobby Lee assembled what looked like a deep urban uniform in his apartment. The deep curvature of his spine made him appear like Mr. Burns crossed with a wannabe gangbanger. ... Read on...

  • The Gap

    February 12, 2018 • Short Stories
    The Gap

    Short story by Angela Small

    Diesel and I met last September at a small liberal arts college in Ohio on move-in day. I was riding up the elevator of my freshman dorm, Barns, with my cart full of stuff, when this girl slammed her hand against the door and said, “Wait. I’ll squeeze in.”... Read on...