Personal Essays

  • My Mother, the Mayor of Quincy Park

    Personal essay by Christine Stoddard

    A fried egg—greasy yet chalky—on rice and beans stared back at me from the foggy Tupperware container. My American father called arroz con huevo frito one of my Salvadoran mother's specialties, comfort food... Read on...

  • Moon Over Shoes

    December 16, 2014 • Personal Essays
    Moon Over Shoes

    Personal Essay by Jennifer Crooks

    From the start, I quite openly coveted the stunning high-heeled shoes women wear to tango. I fell in love with the shoes before I fell in love with the dance. And it didn’t take long before I was obsessed... Read on...

  • Digital Devotion

    November 30, 2014 • Personal Essays
    Digital Devotion

    Personal Essay by Gargi Mehra

    I suppress the twinge of irritation that bubbles up in me, as I am swept along with the sea of bodies when it flows towards the exit. Outside, under the warm rays of the overhead noon sun, I breathe in the air that has reportedly staved off plague and cured leprosy. ... Read on...

  • Growing Up Italian

    October 23, 2014 • Personal Essays
    Growing Up Italian

    Personal Essay by Rachelle Braido Shekhar

    I discovered that nothing is sacred or kept from the family when you are Italian. Every pound you gain or lose, acne treatment, menstrual difficulties, intestinal distress, mood swings or fertility disorders are shared and analyzed by everyone, and usually during a meal... Read on...

  • In the Form of a Question

    Personal Essay by Terry Barr

    Even at age nine, I got Jeopardy quickly, though I seldom knew the answers, much less the questions offered. In my childhood, I felt like a question waiting for some answer to choose me... Read on...