Personal Essays

  • A Shared Love of Travel

    Personal essay by Natalie Bergman

    I would dream of African countries fighting for independence in the 1960s and wished I could have been there. The world still cast a dark spell on my impressionable mind... Read on...

  • Catch ‘n Release

    August 6, 2017 • Personal Essays
    Catch ‘n Release

    Personal essay by Katacha Díaz

    On a crisp, cold spring morning hiking along Camel’s Back Park trails, the impulse to step outside my comfort zone had surprisingly taken hold of me. In my defense, I was a divorcée of a certain age... Read on...

  • Heat

    March 5, 2017 • Personal Essays

    Personal essay by Mirelle Tinker

    After hours of fighting back the tears, I would watch her step back so that I could see what she had created. My curls were gone. Pocahontas... Read on...

  • For the Ends of the World

    Personal essay by Robert Ratajczak

    My father has told me that there is only one death he would accept. Death at sea. He does not want to pass in a white hospital bed... Read on...

  • Beef Cutlet Battle

    September 19, 2016 • Personal Essays
    Beef Cutlet Battle

    Personal Essay by Rita Reznikova

    Whenever I stare at an empty kitchen, I think of my babushka Lilya. I picture her in her flowery housedress... Read on...