Personal Essays

  • How My Son Got His Name

    Personal Essay by Roberto Loiederman

    Naming a child, especially your first-born, is a sensitive undertaking. When properly chosen, a name can be an augury of future success, which is why I named my first child after a cocaine dealer I met while crossing Lake Titicaca... Read on...

  • Game of Stones

    January 29, 2018 • Personal Essays
    Game of Stones

    Personal essay by Nathalie Nayman

    On Sundays, it is kind of a faux pas to show up at Stones Bar after 9 PM. You can, of course, come in whenever you want, the door will screech, the bar locals will all turn their heads in your direction... Read on...

  • A Shared Love of Travel

    Personal essay by Natalie Bergman

    I would dream of African countries fighting for independence in the 1960s and wished I could have been there. The world still cast a dark spell on my impressionable mind... Read on...

  • Catch ‘n Release

    August 6, 2017 • Personal Essays
    Catch ‘n Release

    Personal essay by Katacha Díaz

    On a crisp, cold spring morning hiking along Camel’s Back Park trails, the impulse to step outside my comfort zone had surprisingly taken hold of me. In my defense, I was a divorcée of a certain age... Read on...

  • Heat

    March 5, 2017 • Personal Essays

    Personal essay by Mirelle Tinker

    After hours of fighting back the tears, I would watch her step back so that I could see what she had created. My curls were gone. Pocahontas... Read on...