About Cecile’s Writers Magazine

Founded in 2012, Cecile’s Writers Foundation published their first magazine in July of 2013. We have now published dozens of literary work by writers who all have one thing in common: interculturalism. We offer intercultural writers a unique opportunity to publish their work and share it with the world. And we offer readers the chance to experience talented (and sometimes undiscovered) voices in literature.

We hope you will make this magazine your literary home.

The Name
Since 2009 a group of writers meet once a fortnight at Cecile’s house in The Hague. Over the years, the members jokingly named themselves Cecile’s Writers. The idea to have a literary magazine was born during one these meetings. Four members (Cecile, Samir, Sofia and Vanessa) went on to actually set up the magazine and became its editors. It did not take long to think up a name: Cecile’s Writers Magazine. The name is homage to the members of the writing group.

The Editors
We are a devoted group, working hard and pursuing our love of literature to bring you stories from around the world in Cecile’s Writers Magazine.

CW editor Cecile


Cecile was born and raised in the Netherlands, yet she felt the magical pull of English from the age of 10 and has been expressing herself best in her second language ever since.



CW editor Samir


Samir was born in Greece, is of Syrian descent, and grew up in Nigeria where he spoke both English and Arabic.




CW editor Sofia


Sofia was born in Malawi, raised by a Mexican mother and a Dutch father in a household where English and Spanish were both spoken.





Vanessa is Dutch but was born in Switzerland and has lived in Germany, Dubai and Belgium where she attended International English speaking schools.




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