• A poem by Nate Blindfold

    I wear a black suit
    Stunting like my daddy
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  • © Wikimedia Commons

    Poem by Parag Mallik

    We lie amidst beats of music,
    While no sound save sporadic gunfire is your dirge of eternity.
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  • © Marty NZ via pixabay.com

    A poem by Hanna Ali

    I do not know how to change the future, but
    My pregnant heart carries the past like an
    Overdue pressure of a life I’m still leading
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  • © Lisa Omarali via flickr.com

    Personal essay by Mirelle Tinker

    After hours of fighting back the tears, I would watch her step back so that I could see what she had created. My curls were gone. Pocahontas

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  • Editorial: Elements of Literature

    On a dry and windy day in January 2012, Cecile, Samir, Sofia and Vanessa walked out of the notary’s office in Rotterdam, nervous and excited at having registered officially as a foundation.  Now more than five years later, we are still up and running and barely managing to cope with the influx of submissions. We [&hellip... Read on...

  • Editorial: Special Poetry Edition

    During our editorial staff meeting in the summer of 2015, we debated whether or not to focus on a special edition of our digital magazine for the following year. All options were on the table, we thought about a theme-based issue, we played with the idea of word-restricted submissions, or maybe a flash fiction edition, [&hellip... Read on...