• Poem by E. Martin Pedersen

    The short man’s five rigid fingers shot energy rays
    Then his hands went back into his curly hair for lubrication

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  • Personal Essay by Roberto Loiederman

    Naming a child, especially your first-born, is a sensitive undertaking. When properly chosen, a name can be an augury of future success, which is why I named my first child after a cocaine dealer I met while crossing Lake Titicaca

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  • Short story by Sharif Gemie

    George got up quietly. He wanted to do the washing up without Judy hearing. He imagined her in an hour’s time, after he’d gone: she’d wake and find the kitchen clean and spotless—just the way she liked it.

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  • Poem by Robert Perchan

    An Angel of English flooded my room this morning
    with sweetness & light & a disturbing request

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  • Editorial: Goodbye For Now

    Over the past 5 years, we have built up Cecile’s Writers Magazine. It has been a massive undertaking. We made new friends and learned a lot, we had our ups and downs, but all-in-all it enriched our lives. It was a journey and it has given us a wealth of experience. Thanks to you – [&hellip... Read on...

  • Editorial: Family Knots

    December 21, 2017 • News & Events
    Editorial: Family Knots

    December is a time when the importance of family is emphasized.  Albeit most families may not be as picture perfect as depicted in movies or in adverts.  That’s the beauty of writing — authors are able to show that beauty lies in the intricacies and flaws of family bonds. In the past four months, we received a [&hellip... Read on...