• sicily-pixabay

    Short story by Salvatore Difalco

    Mario was one of the few Sicilians who had gone to Canada in the late 1950s and had come back in the 1960s, while Sicily still endured the poverty and pain of la miseria. Mario’s excuse: he couldn’t stand the winters

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  • milky-way-pixabay

    Poem by Stella Vinitchi Radulescu

    there is a story with no end
    & tiny lives ahead       you & me

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  • Novelettes by Arthur Black

    Cody Harrison, the heir to a corporate fortune in Cincinnati, had worked on the student newspaper at Kent State University. He decided to pursue a career as a writer rather than a business executive.

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  • Poem by Ed O’Casey

    rattling / a cage / filled bees

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  • Editorial: Family Knots

    December 21, 2017 • News & Events
    Editorial: Family Knots

    December is a time when the importance of family is emphasized.  Albeit most families may not be as picture perfect as depicted in movies or in adverts.  That’s the beauty of writing — authors are able to show that beauty lies in the intricacies and flaws of family bonds. In the past four months, we received a [&hellip... Read on...

  • Editorial: Love and Loss

    The themes of love and loss burn like wildfire in this collection.  Our intercultural authors bring you stories and poems rife with powerful imagery.  These are not romantic notions of love or loss, but the gut-wrenching stuff of everyday life that we are all too familiar with. Perhaps the most heartbreaking of these is ‘To [&hellip... Read on...