• © Mark Goebel via flickr.com

    A poem by Yasser Rhimi

    “Politics’ blots
    barren seeds
    in men’s lots─ Read on...

  • © Dorian Krauss via pixabay

    A poem by Tamara Lakomy

    Blame the knife of reason, cut the lying cord
    Blunt the voice of doubt, as it sows grains of discord Read on...

  • © Wendy via flickr.com

    Short story by Esteban Vargas

    We were sitting on Sergio’s pick-up truck listening to some tunes on Wilbert’s radio when Uncle Mario shut down the diesel generator. Then came the dark. The faces of my cousins, the outline of the side of the truck, the radio, the comisariato, my own hands, all of them agglomerated into a homogeneous black mass

    Read on...

  • © Patrick Hamilton via flickr.com

    A poem by Bouteraa Bochra

    I had a dream
    The world, the way it might seem
    Is going along the stream Read on...

  • Editorial: Special Poetry Edition

    During our editorial staff meeting in the summer of 2015, we debated whether or not to focus on a special edition of our digital magazine for the following year. All options were on the table, we thought about a theme-based issue, we played with the idea of word-restricted submissions, or maybe a flash fiction edition, ... Read on...

  • Editorial: The Joy of Growth

    There is much delight here at CWM as our hard work and passion begins to bear fruit.  We are growing to the point that we now have vacancies for an internship and for volunteer writers.  In July we hope to re-launch our blog, with new writers and contributors from around the world sharing their views ... Read on...