• © damn_unique via flickr.com

    Short story by Michelle Mellon

    In Zuli’s mind, there was nothing worse than being alone. At the supermarket, she smiled at the stock boys and always asked for help with her groceries.

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  • © Scott via flickr.com

    Poem by Egle Maria Pichetto

    You came as an untamed force of nature,
    looked straight into my soul,
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  • © NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr.com

    Poem by Art Bouman

    Who is the Black in me
    That is tainted with white blood and alternate stories of oppression,
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  • © Flavio Ensiki via Flickr.com

    Short story by Justin Fenech

    The beach beneath the cliffs was busy and unencumbered. It was hot but only as hot as the coolest of waves. Their coming and going rustled like a panicked wedding dress.

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  • Editorial: Escapism and Realism

    There are moments when news—really bad news—inspires writers and poets, and in that inspiration we read works that are indubitably relevant to our present condition.  Rhimi’s To Motherless Aleppo and Mallik’s Veil of Warfare are poems that contribute to the ever-growing literature on Aleppo, instigating a consciousness of responsibility on us to raise our voices [&hellip... Read on...

  • Editorial: Elements of Literature

    On a dry and windy day in January 2012, Cecile, Samir, Sofia and Vanessa walked out of the notary’s office in Rotterdam, nervous and excited at having registered officially as a foundation.  Now more than five years later, we are still up and running and barely managing to cope with the influx of submissions. We [&hellip... Read on...